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Başakşehirde Bulunan Talaşlı İmalat Firmamıza, Montaj Elemanları Aranıyor. Tam Gün

Süresi Doldu İstanbul (Avr) 329 görüntüleme 20-45 Yaş Bay  İlan No : 8826

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Montaj Elemanları aranmaktadır.

İrtibat: 0.555. 249 69 29

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There are certainly various tools that ease and provide us with quality of life each day we live. Starting from simple light bulb up to mobile phones and computers. These are all machines that save time and effort, but what is it that we all strive to maintain in every single day of our lives besides saving time and effort? It’s safety.

We, TTI group, are a group specialized in providing its customers with the safest movement-providing-machines like elevators, escalators and auto-parking systems. Our experience dates back to 1995 where we first started directly by following the steps of advanced and modern systems that were developed throughout the years.
These systems are mainly concerned with rationing the consumption of resources and energy that in return provide a safer, easier, and more effective use for the customer.

Movement-providing-machines that we manufacture include not just only passengers' elevators, but also administrative buildings’, malls’, goods’, cars’, Dumbwaiters', as well as panoramic type elevators.
In addition to that, we conserve the variety of our products by building escalators that also come in all types and degrees of inclination serving both regular and heavy duties.

And because we believe the more the merrier, TTI widened its range of distribution to include many countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, KSA, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan..etc.
Our developmental plans in the following two years are to expand our scope incorporating more countries in different regions including North Africa, Central Africa and Gulf Countries.

We dream big, and our dreams aren’t only limited to the area we work in, rather they are spread making that area bigger. TTI is the main supplier to different companies with high quality elevator components from A to Z establishing a network of safe, easy, beneficial use to 1,257,403 customer.
Moreover, we are fully aware that dreaming big won’t be sufficient enough to write lines of success about TTI, as a result, our focus is always set on maintaining the highest quality of our products guaranteeing a trouble-free experience to our customers.
We accomplish that by picking the most exceptional material to build products with; therefore, sustaining a longer life to products we provide.

Our relationship with our customers is based on trust thus in choosing our products, customers don’t only pay for their safety, but for cost-effective products as well.

“Keep Moving Forward.” is a motto we merely follow as a Holding in relation to innovation and the development of new products.
Our plans for the future include more environment-friendly productions that depend solely on the sources provided rather than consuming other sources and negatively affecting the environment.

In addition, our customers pleasure is our first and top priority in which we believe a high-quality product is a product that benefits the majority of its users, and that is what we aspire to offer in TTI.

Honesty and trust are central to integrity. In TTI, we are always keen on maintaining honesty in dealing with our customers, a genuine, comfortable environment is crucial to retain the long-term relationships with them.
Our guidelines and contracts are as clear as crystal and are highly preserved by our employees which strengthens the bond we have with customers as well as the trust they give us.
Our products serve the same aim but each is created differently and uniquely to serve the various needs of our customers.

We prioritize our customers satisfaction and happiness and always dwell on developing techniques and ideologies to fit with our customers’ criteria on the long term. TTI have gone a long road of achievements depending on both; its deep experience in the fields of movement-providing-machines and the trust built with its customers.
TTI group, the safety you deserve.

Tti Endüstri Yedek Parça AŞ.

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