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Süresi Doldu İstanbul (Avr) 139 görüntüleme Bay/Bayan  İlan No : 5413

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One of the leading fancy fabric producer & exporter to world`s famous brands, 
based in Avcılar, Istanbul is looking for 
* University graduate preferably in textile engineering or marketing,
* Very good command of both written & spoken English,
* Good communication, negotiation and analytical skills,
* Well organized and strong daily follow-up skills,
* Attendıng fairs and customer visits abroad,
* Experience in the textile industry is an asset.

Please send your CV to : info@konaktul.com

Şirket tanımı

Creativity - Quality
Fashion - Trends - Design
Konak Tul was founded in 1963 and then became incorporated in 1976 under the name of Konak Tül Perde Sanayi A.Ş. The manufacturing process started by producing plain and patterned raschel lace curtains This process continued for many years by creating new looks and brands resulting its worldwide reputation in that market. The fast growth of textile industry and technological developments made the firm expand to produce new types of fabrics using the latest technology of jaquard machines.

Beginning from 2004, the company focused on apparel lace fabric. In 2005, Konak Tul converted its technology, experience and know-how with up-to-date and modern formation to create a new line for lace and fancy fabrics. Soon, the company managed to develop various qualities and designs to respond customer needs in a very short time and inserted itself into the market. The factory is located in İstanbul covering a land of 18.000 m2 with 7.500 m2 of closed facilities.

As a result of years of experience and our commitment to fashion design, a wide range of lace and fancy fabrics are designed by local and European designers to countervail various demands of customers in the market. Today, Konak Tul Perde San A.S (now well known as KONAK Fashion Fabrics) has established it’s place among arising producers in the world . We are proud to be in the agenda of some great chain’s fabric designer’s “must see” list. We built this worldwide reputation by producing, newly designed improved, high quality affordable fabrics combined with efficient and fast service together with precise workout timing. KONAK Fashion Fabrics aims continious improvement and innovative approach in research and development studies.


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