Öz Makina Ltd. Şti.

"Vasıfsız Elemanlar" ilanına ait detaylar

Vasıfsız Elemanlar Tam Gün

Süresi Doldu İstanbul (Avr) 112 görüntüleme Bay  İlan No : 5390

İş Detayları

İHRACAT Firmamızda çalışacak CNC Tornada Yetiştirilmek üzere,
Tercihen ehliyetli eleman alınacaktır. MAAŞ+ Mesai+ SSK+ İkramiye+ Yol+ Yemek. İKİTELLİ

Sosyal Haklar

  • SGK
  • Prim
  • Yol
  • Servis
  • Yemek

Şirket tanımı

As a leading manufacturer of cnc machining for a range of industries, our mission is to provide effective solutions that are perfectly tailored to individual needs – delivering custom cnc turning & cnc milling solutions that cut costs and increase profitability for you!

Our company was born in 2000 , and became a limited company in 2007 with the name Oz Makine LTD STI. Our company started with cnc turned parts initially , later in 2008 taking up cnc milling.

Each year with more and more happy clients we were persuaded into providing welding parts, cnc laser cut parts and mounting parts for our customers.

All our staff at Oz Makine LTd are working to produce cnc precision parts to recieve your satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is what strives us at Oz. 

Öz Makina Ltd. Şti.

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